TBLT 2013
Banff, Alberta, Canada

3-5 October 2013

Plenary Speakers

Heidi Byrnes (Georgetown University)


“Linking ‘task’ and curricular thinking: An affirmation of the TBLT educational agenda”

Patricia A. Duff (University of British Columbia)


“Sociocultural and discursive approaches to task-based language learning, teaching, and research”


Martin Bygate (Lancaster University and St. Mary’s University College)

On fetters and goals, and the development of an empirical TBLT in terms of language, learning and teaching”


Invited Colloquia

Cognitive aspects of task-based learning


Organizers: Roger Gilabert Guerrero and Andrea Révész


Presenters: Melissa Baralt; Robert DeKeyser; Roger Gilabert Guerrero; Diana Mazgutova; Marije Michel; Andrea Révész; Olena Vasylets



The interface between TBLT and content-based instruction


Organizer: María del Pilar García-Mayo


Presenters: Eva Alcón; Christianne Dalton-Puffer; María del Pilar García Mayo; Amparo Lázaro; Ana Llinares; Roy Lyster


Discussant: Lourdes Ortega



TBLT & teacher education


Organizer: Kris van den Branden


Presenters: Julie McAllister; Andreas Müller-Hartmann; Marita Schocker; Kris Van den Branden


The conference is organized under the auspices of the International TBLT Consortium and the University of Alberta

International task-based language teaching conferences aim to bring together researchers and educators with interests in tasks and task-based
language teaching. TBLT conferences, held biennially, have been hosted by Katolieke Universiteit Leuven (2005), the University of Hawai’i (2007),
Lancaster University (2009), and the University of Auckland (2011). The University of Alberta is pleased to host the conference in Banff in 2013.

For more information, email tblt2013@ualberta.ca